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October 2018

It has been an incredible beginning of the year here at Riverdale Temple Nursery School!

The teachers worked all summer making their classrooms and our school beautiful! We have been working at simplifying the classrooms, with less distractions, so that it is a calmer place for children to do their work.

The area that I am most proud of, is the feeling of community in our school. Teachers helping other teachers and other classrooms. I want us to all feel that we are all a part of the whole. Teachers were building, sewing, moving furniture, sharing ideas with each other. My vision is that we are all in this together and “we can do together, what we can’t do alone.”

Ms. Anna, one of our Pre-K teachers, continues to work on our beautiful tree. I hope when you come through our door you will notice all the different birds that have been added

We just had our first Ice Cream Social. The playground was filled with families eating ice cream, “schmoozing” and playing on the playground. It was a wonderful way to begin the school year and celebrate our amazing community.

The Two Year Olds are separating from their families and learning the routines of their class. They are collaging, painting and drawing with the loving Mrs. Cutler, Mrs. Turner and Ms. Lorena. Their colorful shofars and Jewish Stars are decorating the walls. Please come and look! They are learning about the holidays through play and songs and stories. You can hear their sweet voices as soon as you walk through our front door!

Our Three Year Olds are also learning about the holidays. They are making apple prints, eating apples and honey, making honey jars, cards for the holidays.

We have 3 Pre-K Classes this year. They are all working on celebrating the fall. The unit they are working on is All About Me. If you walk into the Pre-K classes you will see wonderful self-portraits that the children have made. We continue to do our “Building Blocks” Math Program. Children are learning math through games, songs and stories. Math is now immersed in their curriculum.

The theme that runs through the whole school is kindness. We read books about kindness, talk about kindness and practice kindness. We are raising children to make the world a kinder, gentler, more loving, caring place.

In our Nursery School, we have 4 specials, Music with Shara Yolkut, Movement with Kara Tatelbaum, Yoga for the Four Year Olds with Anthony Purdy and Storytime with Linda. Shara, Kara and Linda work with the teachers on supporting their curriculum, so that the music, movement and stories will connect to the studies children are doing in the classroom.

Cristin Messinger, our Parents’ Association President is teaching our Mommy and Me Class. Crawlers and Walkers with their Mommies or Caretakers are playing with toys together, singing, eating snack, collaging and playing with playdough. It is every Friday. If you are around, peep into Room 301. It is so lovely!

We have a lovely After School program this year. Monday is Science with Virginia Purdy.

Tuesday is Jewish Enrichment with Sandi Daniels. Wednesday is Soccer with Happifeet.

Thursday is Art with Sandi Daniels.

This year we are having our second Harvest Fair on Sunday, October 14th from 11 am to 4 pm. Each class will set up a table with a craft. There will be food, face painting a magician and a bubble van. It should be great fun. All our welcome!

Please know that my door is always open, if you have any suggestions about making our school even better. I truly believe that we can do together what we cannot do alone.

In October the school will be closed on:

10/1 (Th) Shemini Atzeret – School is Closed

10/2 (F) Simchat Torah – School is Closed

10/8(M) Columbus Day Observed – School is Closed

Lovely Quote:

The moment you doubt where you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it”

Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

Happy fall to everyone!

Much warmth always,

Linda Herman