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November 2019

The fall has been magical at Riverdale Temple Nursery School. There is a wonderful buzz in the air when you walk through the halls. Children are busy learning and growing. They are making new friends and learning new skills. They are taking risks and thinking out of the box. Please take a walk down our halls and notice the amazing work the children are doing. The most important thing about our school is that it is a caring and loving place for children and families, that it is warm and welcoming and no question is too small when it is about a child!

We have a new friend in our school, Nugget. Nugget is a little guinea pig.  He is black, white and brown and he lives in the Yellow Room.  He is warm and cuddly and squeaks when he is happy. He is a wonderful new member of our community. Please come by and say hello to Nugget. He loves to be held and cuddled!

We are always working on kindness. We had a Staff Meeting and the focus of this year will be kindness. We are sharing books about kindness and documenting acts of kindness. We believe that whatever you focus on grows. If you have children’s books or stories about kindness that you would like to share, that would be so wonderful!

A picture into our school:

We are working, as a school, on Open-ended work. We always want the work to be the children’s work. We are also documenting our work. The documentation will tell about the whole process of each activity.

The Two Year Olds have created a fall tree outside their classroom with colorful leaves and apples. They also made decorations for our Sukkah and ate in the Sukkah!

The Three Year Olds are also working on fall paintings and collages. They have they have painted leaves and created leaf collages.

The Pre-K unit this month has been the senses. They have been doing taste tests, smell tests, studying sign language and listening games.

There is a lot of cooking going on in our school! There have been Apple Pies, Polish Pancakes and of course lots of cookies!

Riverdale Temple Nursery School has formed a Playground Committee. It consists of parents and teachers. The focus of the Committee is to hopefully take the sand out of the playground and put in flooring that is safe for children. We would love a sandbox that is covered. After we get a plan in place, we will fundraise to make it happen. We want our Playground to be beautiful and to work better. Our next meeting is November 7th.

We have a wonderful After School program this year. We have Ballet with Kara Tatelbaum on Tuesdays, Soccer with Happyfeet on Wednesdays and Jewish Enrichment with Sandi Daniels on Thursdays. We also have a Story Time on Mondays at 3:00 that is open to all children. It is in the Library on the third floor outside the Rabbi’s office. We hope to be having Chess in the Winter Semester.

This year we have two student teachers from Westchester Community College. We are very excited to support young people who want to go into the field of education. We are also giving tours to students from Westchester Community College, who are just beginning their study of Early Childhood Education.


Tours have begun for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have friends who are interested, please tell them to call the school at 718-796-0335 or email at I have already had a few tours and applications for next year and we do have limited space.

School Closings

November 11th – Veteran’s Day

November 27th – Half day

November 28th – Thanksgiving

November 29th – Thanksgiving

Just a lovely quote…

“Everywhere you go, leave a glitter trail of kindness behind you.”

Author Unknown